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Top 6 Best Android Photo Recovery Apps and Software without Root

Primary Reasons for Deleted Images on AndroidBefore getting these photo recovery apps and software, you should first understand the common causes of photo deletion: Hasty removal of memory cardsMemory card formatting errorUnexpected power failure during the copying processVirus attack that corrupts imagesIncorrect ejection of memory cardAccidental pressing of delete optionUsing one card for several gadgetsClicking photos continuously without pausesIgnoring full memory and low battery warnings
You’re in the process of tinkering with your Android device. Suddenly, you delete an image or several images accidentally. Fear not, you can always get an affordable photo recovery app. This state-of-the-art software helps Android users get back erased images from the hard drive, Secure Digital (SD) or memory cards, and digital cameras.
1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery DiskDigger undeletes and helps restore deleted photos from the internal memory or memory card. You may upload recovered files to Dropbo…

Top 3 Best Cameras Apps for Android to Take the Perfect Selfie

If you are looking for the perfect selfie camera, then you do not have to look far. We have compiled a list of the best camera app for Android which also happens to be the best selfie camera app you can have on your phone!

Clicking the perfect selfie is not an easy task by any means. You need to hold the camera at the perfect angle and make sure that you are putting on your best expression in those few seconds. Before the era of smartphones and front cameras, taking selfies with the rear camera could be really troublesome. Most people would not be able to get it right in one shot. However, now we have front cameras that ensure we look our very best in all the selfies that we take. If that was not all, the App Store is filled with camera apps that have been specially designed to take the best selfies. They come with a lot of different settings and features which will help you get your pictures right. 1. Sweet SelfieWhile this app has not been around for long, it is already being called one…